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“Do it,Live it, Enjoy it”


Based in Kuwait, I am a Kuwaiti travel photographer . A UNIQUE live blog and a website have been created as a dream to discover the world and bring it on to the audience as a successful journey guide to all travel lovers in kuwait and abroad. I eagerly document endangered cultures and traditional life ways of many countries all over the world, in addition to the entertainment part in each adventure.

I also share my travel photography experience by managing the travel and tourism pages of “Habayibna Magazine” in Kuwait . I’ve been lucky to work with amazing people. I had some photos published for editorial purpose in local newspapers and other magazines as well.

I also organize and lead photo expeditions and workshops for young photographers as a new exciting way to motivate and train who share my enthusiasm for unusual cultures, and exceptional locations.

Most things in life are precious moments of pleasure and adventure! “shooting with my camera” is what I love to do most, my camera is my best friend! I have visited many destinations during the past 4 years of my life and for me delivering the perfect shot is my goal, and I don’t pack up my camera until I leave the location with a satisfying result, quantity doesn’t matter, what matters is the quality of your work.

Through photography I have been given the privilege of sharing the stories of people, the beauty of Gods heavenly places and memories imprisoned in one frame! ajpw.ishootq8.com is brought to you to simply share my work and bring it online to all travelers and life loving adventurers.

To me photography is a capture of a lifetime EXPERIENCE ….

There is a big world out there and it is calling…

See you there ..



-Photography equipments

CAMERA: Nikon DSLR Camera D800 /D7000

LENSES: NIKORR 24-70/24-120/16-35/105MM

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